‘An Edible History of Barcelona’


Gourmet Historical Walking Tour

The goal of my tours — developed since 2013 — is to help people understand the intriguing history of Barcelona through one of the city’s greatest assets: its food! This is not a “tapas crawl” or a scripted tour with a set menu. The best way I have found to describe the tour is as a ‘guided dining experience’. Coming from the USA and finding a niche as a recognized food writer, food photographer, travel blogger/Instagrammer, and gastronomic tour guide has given me a unique perspective on life and culture in Barcelona, and I love to share the side of the city I love!


We will eat in four distinct styles of bars and restaurants and move at the pace that feels right for you and savor a wide variety of dishes while seated at 4 authentic restaurants. At each restaurant, we will be tasting tapas, local specialties, some of my favorite foods from other regions of Spain as well.


Between stops, we will walk the streets of Barcelona’s three oldest neighborhoods — Raval, Gòtic, and Born — and see first-hand the amazing 2,000+ years of history that have left their mark on everything from the city’s architecture and name to the very wine we drink. I’m from Boston, USA, but Barcelona is my home like nowhere I have lived since I was a child. I have dedicated myself to learning as much about this amazing place as possible. Come see and taste my Barcelona!


A Typical Tour’s Highlights:

• Four restaurants over the course of 3.5 hours

 • My favorites historical, cultural, and gastronomic anecdotes along the way

• Stops at points of special artistic, architectural, and historical interest between restaurants

• A walking tour through the heart of the Raval, Gòtic, and Born neighborhoods of Barcelona

• I order all the food at each stop, catering to any dietary restrictions or desires

• All food and drinks are included in the tour price


Tours can include:

Artisan Cheeses • Spanish Jamón • Salamis and Cured Meats • Catalan Sausages • Classic Tapas and Catalan dishes • Local Olives • Pintxos • Cider • Chocolate• Candy • Cakes • Beer • Vermouth • Liqueurs • Local Wines • Gourmet Coffee • and More


How to book a tour:

Would you like a personalized gastronomic tour with a knowledgeable local food writer and professionally trained chef as your guide?
I have over 5 years of experience leading bespoke tours, and I still tailor each experience to my client’s needs and desires!


Prices are competitive with the others in the city and my tour is guaranteed authentic and memorable! Send me a message via my contact form with details about your travel dates, group size, and any special requests, and I’ll reply with a detailed tour outline and pricing!

Talk soon!