Wine and Painting: #LiveUncorked with Campo Viejo

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Campo Viejo wine asked me to host a colorful event inspired by creativity, the coming Spring, and Campo Viejo’s #LiveUncorked campaign.

  • Sam Zucker food photographer wine lifestyle influencer Spain
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    Sam Zucker food photographer wine lifestyle influencer Spain
  • Sam Zucker food photographer wine lifestyle influencer Spain
When Campo Viejo wine, one of the most well-known winemakers of Spain’s Rioja region, asked me to create content for the Campo Viejo Instagram and Facebook channels, it was easy to see that it would be a fruitful match.

My first thoughts immediately went to me and my friends putting paint to canvas in an attempt to reawaken our artistic sides while enjoying some tasty Rioja wine.

With a brush in one hand and a glass of Campo Viejo in the other, I happily created my first painting in over a decade. Among the various things I have studied over the years, painting and drawing, as well as photography and wine, are passions that I pursued during university and later on in culinary school.

Barcelona-based Irish painter, sculpture, boat builder, and friend Mark Redden graciously allowed us to use his vibrant home studio and workshop for our party. I quickly set about finding large amounts of acrylic paints, brushes, and canvases to make this concept a reality. Surrounded by Mark’s expressive work was definitely an inspiration for the rest of us to let loose a bit and focus more on the painting experience than the final outcome.

The whole ethos of the #LiveUncorked campaign is to encourage people to stop being so dictated by their schedule and to enrich their lives by living a more colorful, creative, and spontaneous existence:

To live a life that is vibrant, generous and authentic!

Though this wine and painting meetup did require some planning and wasn’t just a spur of the moment get together with friends on a Saturday afternoon, it did honestly feel refreshing and inspiring. I put aside my typical weekend work of writing, photographing, editing, and emailing, and played with paint without pretenses or any end goal other than to enjoy ourselves and take some cool, candid photos of the experience.

Campo Viejo has nearly a dozen distinct Rioja DOCa wines on their roster, so I decided to offer my friends a mix. We started with the classic Tempranillo (Campo Viejo’s youngest Rioja), followed by the Crianza, with 12 months in a mix of French and American oak, and ended with a more complex and nuanced Reserva, with 18 months in oak as well as 18 months of in-bottle cellar aging. Of course, I bought far more bottles then were necessary for the party, but better safe than sorry – and I have plenty of Campo Viejo left for whenever the mood for a glass of tinto strikes.

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